Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Review

Being healthy and fit is the dream of everyone and many of us spend huge amount of time and efforts to become shaped and presentable, and it is a common practice that people develop food and exercise programs or schedule on their own. Remember that but making efforts with your own ideas about meal plans and exercise programs will bring you nothing but a disaster.

Another prevalent concept about gaming muscles is that eating too much food will enhance body muscles and most of the foods which people eat are extremely tasteless. Believe me that it is utterly a wrong concept. Dave Ruel is the person who has developed delicious muscle gaining recipes and it available as “Anabolic Cooking Cookbook”.

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Review – About Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel is the author “Anabolic Cooking Cookbook” and he dedicated his 4 years in order to compile, test and create the recipes which can help you gain muscle and they could be tasteful as well.

Dave Ruel is a professional muscle building coach, a well practiced nutritionist and a bodybuilder. You might have visited his well known website as TheMuscleCook. The focus of Anabolic Cooking Cookbook is to make people have their muscle gaining foods enjoyable instead of having them as medicine; and this is the reason why he is also known as The Muscle Cook.

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook – What’s in it?

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook is the result of incessant efforts by Dave Ruel who tested and tasted each and every recipe and finally developed the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook which are delicious and easy-to-make for the users.

Reference Video: Anabolic Cooking Plan

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook has 4 points as effectiveness, variety, taste and affordable price. You will not be required to buy expensive food items, grocery or nay other stuff to prepare the dishes, and interestingly you will be able to enjoy the entire range of foods which you think or other people have forcefully made you think are harmful and build body fats. Anabolic Cooking Cookbook will let you enjoy red meat, white meat, vegetables, snacks & bars, and deserts.

The Anabolic Cooking Cookbook will expose you the following information in easiest manner;

  • About 200 recipes which confirms the huge variety
  • Comprehensive details about meal plans like what, when and how much to eat.
  • Useful shopping lists
  • The basics of nutrition
  • Virtual cooking class
  • A quick plan to prepare 1-week meal within 3 hours
  • Post-workout nutrition tips
  • Money saving tips
  • Tips to build anabolic cooking kitchen within your budget
  • How to manage your cheat meals

You will receive Anabolic Cooking Cookbook in five components as;

  1. Anabolic Cooking – The Cookbook
  2. The Complete Nutrition & Cooking – Quickstart Guide
  3. Anabolic Cooking Meal Plans – For Lean Muscle Mass Gains
  4. Anabolic Cooking Meal Plans – For Optimum Fat Loss
  5. Optimum Maximizer – Advanced Calorie Calculator

Dave Ruel continues to be generous and he offers the following bonuses other than the 5-component package.


  • Anabolicious post workout shakes
  • The ugly truth about supplements
  • Anabolic cooking training & food log
  • Unlimited updates for life

To consolidate reality and genuineness of the product, Dave Ruel gives 100% money-back guarantee as well.

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Review – PROS

  • The anabolic recipes have a huge variety covering all the types of foods.
  • The recipes are quite affordable and Dave’s money saving tips are very helpful save even more money and you can buy the food items and grocery at reasonable price.
  • The cutting-edge of the recipes is of their being tastier than one can think of about the diet meals.
  • Dave Ruel’s also focuses on the recipes which are easy as well as quick to prepare; therefore, they are very useful for the busy people.

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Review – CONS

  • Some recipes lack the info about serving size which may lead to some waste or shortage of meal. So you may have to determine the serving size yourself in order to have the precise quantity.
  • Anabolic Cooking Cookbook is available only online and you may require the hard copy for the recipes as you may need it while preparing the dish which will cost you some extra amount.
  • To get the best results, you may also be required to follow some exercise program.

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Review – Conclusion

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook is a muscle-gaining product by Dave Ruel in form of a digital recipe ebook and it contains more than 200 delicious recipes. Dave Ruel, also known as ‘The Muscle Cook’, is well aware of the field as he is a professional muscle building coach and nutritionist.

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook is the result of 4 years hard work and it is very much evident that Anabolic Cooking Cookbook is not a scam, but a revolutionary delicious and nutritious diet plan which allow the bodybuilders enjoy their meals who are compelled to eat the tasteless and merely boiled vegetables. But with Anabolic Cooking Cookbook, you can shape your body along with complete enjoyment of your daily meals and you can grab your copy of Anabolic Cooking Cookbook online.