Bacterial Vaginosis

A specific kind of bacteria causes an infection in vagina which is called as bacterial vaginosis. There are several good bacteria to be found in vagina and they are called as lactobacilli. There are some other types of bacteria like anaerobes, but their overgrowth is not good for the environment and causes infection. The reason of the overgrowth of these bacteria is not known.

There re some symptoms of the infection experienced by sufferers, but there is a possibility of experiencing no symptoms while suffering from the infection as well.

A woman usually experiences the following symptoms.

  1. A discharge from vagina. The fluid may be clear or colored and it may be thick or light in texture.
  2. Swelling in vagina can be a very painful symptom of the infection.
  3. Painful sexual intercourse is another symptom.
  4. It may have a fishy smell, especially after you have sexual intercourse.

The actual cause of the infection has not been identified yet. It is the overgrowth of bacteria which is usually occurs as a result of;

  • Douching
  • Having a new sexual partner
  • Multiple sexual partners

It is necessary to treat the infection at earlier stage, for there is likelihood that these bad bacteria may enter the uterus and cause some other serious kinds of infections. An effective treatment reduces the risk and it is very necessary for those women who are pregnant.

It is always better to treat the infection through natural methods by using some natural products and home remedies for bacterial vaginosis because;

Treating the infection naturally is known to be more effective. The results of natural treatment are witnessed to be a lot better in both long term and short term, especially compared to those of antibiotic treatments which do not address the root cause of the disease and only kill the bacteria. The most obvious drawback of antibiotics is its tendency to kill good bacteria along with those bad bacteria which ultimately has a negative effect on vaginal health.

Natural treatment works more rapidly as compared to those typical medication treatments. There is a possibility tat a victim will start feeling the positive results within first three days and certainly there is going to be a big relief within a week.

  • Unlike those antibiotics, natural ingredients and methods do not involve the risk of side effects which is most prominent feature of a natural remedy.
  • Another big advantage of natural treatment is the privacy preservation. You do not have to go through that embarrassment which you usually experience while discussing your problem with a specialist.
  • This method is more convenient as it is based on home remedies. Victim is not required to visit the specialist and can perform the remedies on her own.
  • You are more likely to get relief in a very low cost. It is absolutely inexpensive method to get relief from the infection. One needs not to spend money on doctor’s fee and expensive medicines.
  • If you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, it is very important to get the infection be treated in order to avoid any further serious disease.