Yeast Infection in Men

Most men go through life without knowing that they have yeast infection because yeast infection in men may not be as common as in women, but both men and women are at the similar peril to carry the yeast infection. Early diagnosis in men is quite hard to spot in men than women. One may limit the yeast infection to thrush infection (mouth infection), but it can also turn out to be more dangerous. Common symptoms of yeast infection in men includes pain and burning sensation during intercourse and urination, severe itching and pain, red patches and blister on penis. Some of the other reasons may include constipation, mood swing, indigestion, fatigue, loss of energy and irritability etc.

All the causes of yeast infection in men are the same as for any other fugal disease including sex, what happens actually is the ratio of good bacteria to yeast become unbalanced in the digestive system; hence allowing yeast fungus to spread to other parts of the body. The excessive use of starch food such as cookies, peanuts, barely, wine, etc. can also lead to it. The yeast fungus lives on sugar so the diabetic patients are at higher risk of getting yeast infection.

Yeast infection in men can also develop through direct contact with spouse or through unprotected sex with partner possessing yeast infection. A male yeast infection can occur in men of all ages, especially who are more involved in unprotected sex.

A weaken immune system can also lead to yeast infection in men, for example if the immune system is diluted because of stress, nutrition deficiency, cancer, HIV, any transplantation of body part, deficiency of white blood cells may also cause increased risk of yeast infection in men.

Excessive use of antibiotics is another reason of developing yeast infection. Normal people use antibiotic specially when recommended by doctors for cough, cold or for any other problem and with the excessive use of antibiotics, good bacteria die which causes san chances enhancement of the penetration of yeast fungus.

Once you have identified that you are suffering from yeast infection, try to find solution at an earlier stage simply by contacting the doctor for the reason that as earliest you will consult the doctor, the faster you will get the treatment ultimately it will decrease the chances of disease leading to severity and you will have less stress. A number of medicines are available to treat yeast infection in men which are similar to those prescribed to women.